After much thought, our group has concluded that there will be 3 main influences that will be used to inspire the creation of Cadenza. 

  1. Vincente Minelli’s Technique:

    Minelli has a special spot in the world of musicals. His pieces inspired new musicals like La La Land and have been awarded several honors. His technique mostly involves long and steady shots that move in the general direction of the actor.

  2. Gene Kelly’s Choreography:

    Gene Kelly is notorious for his stylistic approach to choreography. His style is meant to harmonize with camera movement and is brought together through the beat of the music. Gene Kelly’s style is most notorious for portraying emotion through dance.

  3. An American In Paris: 

    The film overall is a great example of how we’d like to portray our film. The choreography of the film is a great example of the Gene Kelly Style and the look of the film is a general idea of what we have imagined for our own film to look like.



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